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恩施玉露传承人:蔡老伯 ( Enshi Yulu ICH Bearer )

喝茶去 Go Have Some Tea. Let it be

蔡老伯的茶 Uncle Cai's Tea


蔡运松先生,人称蔡老伯伯, 1979年毕业湖北恩施农业学校茶叶专业, 几十年来,蔡老伯一直以个人的工匠精神与恩师茶叶泰斗, 国家级恩施玉露传承人扬胜伟老先生一起, 投身于茶叶的研究和发展.他亲手制作的恩施玉露绿茶深受茶人喜欢. 如今制茶成为蔡老伯的爱好。

Uncle Cai

Mr. YunSong Cai, colloquially known as Uncle Cai, graduated from Hubei Enshi Agriculture College in 1979, majoring in Tea. Together with professor Shengwei Yang, an Enshi Yulu tea national level ICH bearer as certified by the China National Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) authority, Uncle Cai has developed fully his passion for tea making.  


蔡老伯学习不同的制茶工艺, 使用同一原茶树, 完全可以制出非常好的, 不同风味的茶.

While Uncle Cai has mastered making Yulu-style tea,  he also practices making other varieties of tea to show that with same shrub leaf, different styles of great teas can be made utilizing different processes.

蔡老伯同时吸收浙江杭州绿茶的传统炒制制茶工艺,使用恩施种植的龙井43茶树,制作的恩施雀舌( Enshi Dragonwell - LongJing)原叫荣美贡茶

While Uncle Cai is an Enshi Yulu ICH bearer with esteemed skill, he also learned to make dragonwell/longJing tea making - and created a longjing/dragon well green tea.

蔡老伯探讨红茶工艺, 采用使用恩施的茶叶, 创作了云松红茶-芽红 ( Redwood Black Tea, or Bay red from the bud only )

Redwood Black Tea is also made of the same tea shrub leaf's bud , "baby red".

恩施芽茶是蔡老伯利用恩施本地小叶树种, 制作的青绿茶, 在冲泡过程中,芽苞随着慢慢绽放的同时,在茶水中站立漂游。以此也来显示,成品绿茶品种,生长的茶树果然很重要, 更重要的是制作工艺。杀青方式, 揉捻方式 是决定绿茶品种的主要因素。

Enshi green tea buds are made of the domestic Enshi tea shrub. It has a panning/baking step in its recipe, meaning the leaves will stand up and dance in your cup as it brews.

Passion & Hobby 执着的爱好

蔡老伯的恩施玉露 在德国独立实验室GBA进行了检测,确认不含农药等化学残余. 原始报告下面可以下载.

蔡老伯的恩施玉露也可以在德国直接购 买  Sunday Natural Shop in germany.

恩施玉露 - Enshi Yulu Green Tea

Also,called Enshi Gyokuro. Enjoy the fresh, grassy, sweet aftertastes

Steamed & 5 minute brewing time

Cai YuLu Green tea

恩施芽茶 Enshi Buds Green Tea

Enjoy the aroma/smell and blooming in your clear glass cup. - Panning  Green Tea and stands in the water

Cai Buds Green Tea

恩施雀舌Enshi Dragonwell Tea

Enjoy the aroma/smell - Panning

Cai Dragonwell / Longjing Tea

云松红茶 Redwood Black Tea

Enjoy the mature taste in your home made iced tea

Cai Redwood Black tea